We are two trained pharmacists, Coline and Mahault, passionate about cosmetology and natural beauty.

In our work we met men and women looking for a simpler, more sustainable, more responsible solution, without sophisticated promises or fantasy marketing.

We wanted to create for them, and for ourselves, a line of products ultra-clean, 100% natural and sustainable. A brand committed to its customers and the planet, in which we could have complete confidence.

No part of our quest was easy: to create formulas simultaneously completely natural and biodegradable, to reinvent the notion of “stick” cosmetics for easy application and minimal waste, to streamline the packaging, to find non-petrochemical plastics, to be as gentle with the planet as possible – all the while creating products that were 100% pleasurable to use, at a sensible price point.

But we were sure it was possible. Our ideal, we have built it day after day for the last five years, starting with the most important piece – you!

We have worked with you, asking you to test our products, answer our questions, and we have taken on board your comments and needs and found just the right equilibrium for your delicate skin: essential care, minus controversial ingredients, with natural organic active ingredients dosed exactly, and in a texture, adapted to each skin type.

Products that are both good for your skin, and for the planet.



Purify the formulas of our products, removing any ingredients suspected of toxicity, creating formulas as natural as possible while using serious doses of naturally active ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness – all while preserving the planet.

We intentionally don't use secondary packaging in order to protect the environment and keep the price as low as possible.

All products are made in France.

No products have been tested on animals.