At birth, vernix caseosa

The skin of a new-born baby has a waxy coating known as vernix caseosa; this protects the epidermis when the baby is in the womb. This layer naturally flakes off and disappears over a few hours or days.

The coating naturally hydrates and acts as an antioxidant and a barrier to aggressive elements and infections.

This layer is left in place as long as possible to assist in the development of the skin's hydrolipid film.

Infant’s skin

An infant's skin is dry, reactive and very delicate!

Babies’ immature sweat and sebaceous glands are concentrated in the palms of their hands, soles of their feet and on their heads. Ultimately, they must produce a hydrolipid film and regulate their body's thermogenesis. Babies control their temperature poorly and are not protected against external aggressions.

Their fragile skin dries out very easily and will react to all potentially irritating substances. What’s more, the dermis, the thickest layer of the skin, is particularly thin at birth. Infants' skin is consequently much more permeable than that of adults.


Babies therefore need the gentlest, healthiest products in order to respect their fragile hydrolipidic balance.

Their care routine must be as simple as possible – that’s why we have developed four products essential to the good daily care of your baby.

These are all hypoallergenic and have been tested pediatrically to ensure the greatest tolerance and safety for your baby's skin.


Use the cleansing gel to delicately clean your baby's face, body and hair in the bath. The gel is not aggressive because it does not contain any irritating agents and the washing surfactants are ultra-soft.

A bath every two or three days is quite sufficient for infants because they hardly get dirty.

But if your baby loves having a bath, make it part of your daily routine!


Mon Petit La Rosée cleansing milk is applied to your baby's body using a cotton pad if a bath is not a daily occurrence. It can be used every day to clean your baby's face and hands as necessary.

This is such a practical product – take it everywhere and use it every day!


Use Mon Petit La Rosée 100% natural liniment every time you change a diaper. It is perfect for cleaning your baby's bottom while leaving a nourishing, protective lipid layer.

Limewater helps neutralize urine and stools acidity and prevent diaper rash.


As your baby’s skin easily dries out, it is essential to use Mon Petit La Rosée ultra-healthy moisturizing cream with shea butter and aloe vera; it perfectly nourishes, softens and repairs a baby's fragile skin.

Use generously on any dry skin and areas exposed to temperature variations.

These four essential products will keep your baby's skin soft, clean and healthy in all circumstances.